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We use our convening power to organize not agonize, engage and not disengage and raise public awareness to address some of the most pressing generational challenges of our time. With a focus on the agency of young people, we work with young people and partner with public and private partners to build tools, agency, narratives and campaigns that turn great ideas shared through OUR debates, exchanges and art into sustained action that bring change and impact.


theSpace EventLearn More

theSpace Event is an annual international platform with global aspirations organized locally by young people under “theSpace” as a national process with the sole purpose of re-imagining Zimbabwe’s future, influencing an inclusive society and shaping the discourse. Learn More


Starting 2018, theSpace will be bringing Zimbabwe’s top ten young people for a 12 month leadership journey on a range of issues including the art of organizing. theSxoll among other things will help young leaders view challenges from a big picture perspective...Learn More

theKatchuptheKatchup Working Papers Videos

theKatchup is a special news portal that curates issues/topics (past and upcoming) from theSpace event, theSxoll and around Zimbabwe by young Zimbabweans at heart. We believe that our community of authentic thinkers and doers in general and young people in particular have the ability and capacity not only to tell their stories but to reimagine Zimbabwe and Africa’s future katchup now

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