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theSpace Event is an annual international platform with global aspirations organized locally by young people under “theSpace” as a national process with the sole purpose of re-imagining Zimbabwe’s future, influencing an inclusive society and shaping the discourse. Aimed at harnessing youth power, agency and energy to unleash the most creative generational potential into nation building. Run through four parallel Bays, theSpace is an annual flagship event that has proved strong, creative, and popular. The platform has become crucial for new ideas that have generated impact. It has brought young Zimbabweans, the community of authentic thinkers, the development community of practice, conveners, diplomats, government officials, academics and activists; all committed to share their ideas to advance the prospect of re-imagining a Zimbabwe centered on the role and agency of this generation.

Programs & Information Packs

We are excited that you have taken the first step towards joining us in our second edition of theSpace. To help you prepare we have enclosed key information on registration, target market, participation and the program.
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