Partner Us - Game Changers Bay

The only platform in Zimbabwe that draws an influential demographic population of game changers in their numbers – young people; a population that will harness and increase your brand image and business. Every emerging and established business seeks to attract and win over. Here is your chance to

  • Enhance your corporate image and reposition your brand through launching of a new product.
  • Be featured in a unique interactive website and App showcasing your work as an organisation as well as opportunities available.
  • Be the only company that will be associated with emerging young leaders and the youth population.
  • Drive sales on your flagship products in one day!
  • Be featured in a unique Magazine distributed across the country for the Space.
  • Address more than 100 young people in track sessions; interact with more than 13,000 young people.
  • Your corporate/organizational logo will appear on all promotional materials (printed/electronic).

The strategic act of sponsoring or partnering an exclusive event (TheSpace) that attracts more than 10 000 young people, international renowned speakers, international organizations and Embassies operating in the country makes your company an international player and thought leader. For more on how your company can partner us, please get in touch!


Why Partner Us


It is easy to despair at Zimbabwe’s physical realities and discard it as a hopelessly poor third world country-a nation without hope or a future. However, as young people, we do believe that Zimbabwe is beautiful, majestic and has great potential. Life has a meaning in this country where struggle is needed to survive on a day-to-day basis. The most beautiful thing is that a futuristic Zimbabwe is emerging somewhere out of the dusty villages and polluted, congested city centres. In order to achieve the change we want to see in society, a definite solution lies in working together with both internal and external partners. Thank you our partners